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Hermina Nedelescu

Neuro Scientist Artist

Hermina's artwork depicts the intricate structure and beauty of the brain at the neuronal level visible only with a microscope. Aided by MBF Bioscience's microscope-neuron mapping software, her digital drawings of neurons makes what is invisible to the naked eye visible.      

Hermina is a staff scientist in the Department of Neuroscience at Scripps Research and a neuro artist on weekends.

Scientific Art~tistic Science

1.   Connection Dendritic "Wires"

2.   Gyrus Trees

3.   Infected Together

4.   Axonal Convergence

5.   Lobular Convolutions

6.   Neighboring Purkinje Cells

7.   Axonal Path

8.   White Dendrites

9.   Salient Tree

10. Dispersed Forest

11.  Neuronal Forest

12.  Reaching for the Stars

13.  Hollow Branches

14.  Part of a Dendritic Branch

15.  Noradrenalin Fibers

16.  Infected Network



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